Submission : Aga Khan Award for Architecture, 11th Cycle

on Sunday 12 July 2009 - 11:36:33 | by NEO
Aga Khan Award for ArchitectureThere’s basically no need to introduce Aga Khan Award for Architecture to you. So those who are willing to submit their project in this cycle, this is a reminder to them as the deadline of submission is getting close. It is 15th October the deadline of project submission for the 11th Award cycle runs from 2008-2010. Hurry up and shoot the best.
This cycle’s focus areas are:
1.Rural Development
2.Industries and places of work
3.Public spaces small or large
Absolutely anyone can submit or suggest any project that is serving the Muslim communities in any countries of the world.
Visit: for details.
CLICK HERE to download the submission form.
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