"Vienna House of Music" Design Competition

on Sunday 03 October 2010 - 10:16:09 | by rubelraf

The Vienna House of Music is a new type of music school for Vienna that should be an important link between past and present of the city. The building will have to resolve two separate programs, a music school / conservatory and a new public space that is related to the park and the city. The project seeks to link the music and nature through the architecture. The Stadtpark is the chosen site, because it’s importance and because it’s located in Vienna's famous Ringstrasse. The project has the difficulty of being close to the old town and in the middle of a park, at a time that is located along a small canal and two major avenues.

The call for submission is public and open to all undergraduate students, both from Architecture as from related careers like Engineering, Urban Planning, Design, etc. Students must be able to prove, by any official document (enrollment papers, student card, etc.) that, when the registration period opens, they are studying. All postgraduate students, whose undergraduate degree is not older than 3 years, can also participate.

Find the details HERE

Prizes: € 2000, € 600 and € 400, with project publication on TC Cuadernos magazine, one year subscription to Arquitectura Viva Proyectos magazine, Exposition at the Architecture School of Barcelona ETSAB.

Late registration period ends: Refer to the Website

Submission deadline: January 31, 2011
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