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The Architects’ Regional Council Asia (ARCASIA) is a Council of the presidents of the National Institutes of Architects of eighteen Asian countries that are members of ARCASIA. Every alternate year, an ARCASIA FORUM is hosted by one of the member countries of ARCASIA. Society of Nepalese Architects (SONA) will host ARCASIA FORUM -17 in 2013 in Kathmandu, Nepal with the theme of “Spirituality in Architecture” with a sub-theme of “Image of the City”. ARCASIA Board has decided to organize a design competition among the individual students of ARCASIA member countries in this FORUM.

The design competition along the Asian spirit will try to create a space in their specific countries where youths of ARCASIA can gather, exchange views, share ideas on varieties of subjects. Architecture students will design an ‘Asian Youth Center’ to cater this need of the Asian youths. This may be the contribution of the Asian Architecture students to support the Asian spirit manifested in its economical, cultural and scientific achievements.


The competition is open to 3rd and 4th year individual students of all the architecture colleges that are accredited and/or recognized by the respective Institutes of Architects in the ARCASIA countries. Two best entries from each country as selected by the respective Institutes of Architects shall be exhibited at the FORUM in Kathmandu and the first, second and third prize winners shall be decided by an international jury.

Schedule and Submission Procedure

May 15, 2013– First electronic Announcement to all ARCASIA Member Institutes, Chairperson ARCASIA, and Convener ACAE.  
August 20, 2013 – Formation of Jury by NIA to select two designs (Country Entries) among the, to be submitted designs. The name of the Jury members shall be confidential till September 1, 2013.  
August 20, 2013 – Selection of two best designs internally in each college.  
August 30, 2013 – Submission of the selected two designs both electronic and hard copies from each colleges to the respective NIA.   
September 6, 2103 – Final selection of two best designs as ‘Countries Entries’ by the Jury formed on August 20, 2013 by respective NIA. 
September 9, 2013 – NIAs inform of the selected two designs and the name of the two winner students, Convener ARCASIA Students Design competition, Chair ACAE, and Chairperson ARCASIA. Respective NIAs will send the electronic copies of the ‘Countries Entries’ to the Jury members on September 9, 2013.
September 15, 2013 – Dispatch the hard copies of the Country Entries designs to the Convener ARCASIA Students Design Competition at the following address. Respective NIAs shall ensure the compliance of all the requirements before the ‘Countries Entries’ are dispatched for final submission. This dispatch date is an arbitrary date. Respective NIAs shall make sure, that hard copies will reach the following address not later than September 30, 2013. The procedure to be adopted for selection of designs within the colleges and by the National Institute is entirely at the discretion of the colleges and the Institute.  
September 20, 2013 – Selection of the final best three designs by the Jury, and ACAE invites the winners students to the FORUM-17.
October 6, 2013 – Exhibition of the Country Entries during the ARCASIA FORUM – 17 and Final Jury deliberation, announcement of the prize winners.


Three students, winners of the competition shall be the official delegates to the ARCASIA FORUM - 17. They will be the honored guests of the Society of Nepalese Architects (SONA) and will be offered complementary registration in the FORUM-17.

First Prize : ARCASIA Student Prize, a gold medal paid for by ARCASIA and citation  
Second Prize : US $ 500.00 in cash from SONA and citation  
Third Prize : US $ 300.00 in cash from SONA and citation   

All the final entries will be given citation.  

Visit the Competition site to know more. 
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