Call for Papers: 23rd UIA Congress 2008, Turin, Italy

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UIA World Congress 2008, Turin, Italy
UIA (The International Union of Architects) is the largest association of architects in the world. Now UIA has grown up as the key professional organizations of architects in 116 countries and territories, and now represents, through these organizations, more than 1,300,000 architects worldwide. UIA organizes a world congress of architects once every 3 years. Last time in 2005 UIA World Congress of Architects was held at Istanbul and in 2002 Berlin congress the venue was declared for the up-coming UIA congress which is going to be held at Turin, Italy from 30th June to 3rd July, 2008.
The theme of Turin’2008 is
Transmitting Architecture
This global-scale event will focus on Transmitting Architecture, its participants will discuss architecture as a channel of communcation and the communication of architecture itself, in all forms and all places. The congress will study all the various aspects of a profession that is concerned with the quality of life, landscapes, and the environment on a daily basis.
During the days of congress each day will be dedicated for different aspects of the theme. All the presentations will be followed by this theme schedule: 30th June > Past: Culture, 1st July > Present: Democracy, 3rd July > Future: Hope.

CLICK HERE to download the detail of the theme and the declaration paper of the call for entry.

Call for papers has been declared for this congress on 10th July 2007. Last date of submitting abstract of paper is 19th October 2007. All submissions will be online. Online submission will be opened from 1st October 2007.
So it’s time to start Transmitting Architecture, as Architecture is for all.
Visit for more detail:
23rd UIA Congress, Turin, Italy, Official Website
UIA Official Website
ArchSociety will keep you informed about all the updates about 23rd UIA Congress. So keep your eyes on ArchSociety News for UIA Congress updates. More news is coming shortly regarding this biggest event of architects on the earth. UIA Congress is a very prestigious worthy event for architects as this is the only of it's kind where renowned architects from every parts of the world gather together for the betterment of the future environment of the earth for the mankind.
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  • Wilfred
    20 Mar : 22:44
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    [comment deleted by the moderator]
  • NEO
    07 Aug : 23:06
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    Few of our teachers will participate in this event.
    And few are ready to help with preparing the paper for getting a chance to become an invited and sponsored guest in the event.
    If anyone need to discuss about anything regarding this event or if you need any help for preparing papers or participating in competition, please write here. I'll try to help you informing about where to go, what to do etc.
  • NEO
    29 Jul : 05:38
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    Of course, students can participate. Every time minimum 30% of the participants were students.
    Keep looking the news regarding UIA Congress... When the registration will be open for paper submission (1000 character abstract) on 1st October then you'll get the option there to set whether you are a student or an architect.
    Soon UIA will also declare a competition as well as usual. That competition will also have young architects and students section. So don't worry, keep you ready!
    The entry level (the level of participation if your paper is selected) for paper submission is as follows:
    1. Lecture at a main session and publication in Congress catalogue
    2. Lecture at a specialized session and publication in Congress catalogue
    3. No lecture session but publication in Congress catalogue
    4. Publication in internet
    5. No entry
    At least we should try for the 5th one... ha ha ha....! Although even if you are not a selected lecturer or competition winner anyone still can participate the event just paying the registration fees online (will be opened soon) or to respected Institute of Architects of the country before the event.
  • Himel
    28 Jul : 03:14
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    is there any chance to go as student?

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