AMD Open Architecture Challenge Winners Declared

on Wednesday 04 June 2008 - 12:35:09 | by admin
Architecture for Humanity, Open Architecture Network and Cameron Sinclare together are heading towards a revolution in architecture. The new movement is changing the concept of doing architecture for capitalist clients. They are providing the opportunity to everyone to work for the mass people of the whole world and to think beyond the typical system of getting a commission and working for rich people. Architecture is also heading towards the ultimate way working for the people ‘The Open Source Architecture’.
The ‘AMD Open Architecture Challenge 2007’ was one of their courageous ventures towards it.
The name of the winners of the competition has been declared yesterday from Cape Town, South Africa. And all the winning projects are now public and accessible to everyone. So those who participated in this competition and those who are willing to participate in other activities of OAN or AFH can take a look to those innovative winning solutions for 3 different sites in 3 continents for 3 projects.
Every details and the winning projects are available here:
Here are the links to the 1st prize winning projects of the 3 sites:

amd open architecture challenge winner africa AMD open architecture challenge winner equador amd open architecture challenge winner Nepal
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