Architectural Study Visit to Housing Projects in Cuba

on Thursday 26 June 2008 - 19:33:34 | by NEO
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Building and Social Housing Foundation and World Habitat Award organize regular study visits to the World Habitat Award winning projects. This time the International Architectural Study Visit by BSHF is to the Ecomaterials in Social Housing Projects in Cuba.
So get ready to go inside the practical implementation and in-hand on site experience of using and developing eco friendly materials for housing projects.
This project has developed and transferred a range of innovative and environmentally sustainable building materials which can be manufactured locally in small workshops, thereby reducing energy and transportation costs and creating employment.
Access to low-cost credit ensures that the materials are affordable and over 5,000 homes have been built or improved to date in Cuba. The technologies developed by CIDEM have also been transferred worldwide, with ecomaterials workshops operational in many Latin American countries as well as in Mozambique, Namibia and Nigeria.
The purpose of the visit is to provide an in-depth understanding of the practical techniques, training methods and project management approaches used in the project. Intensive site visits will form a major part of the study visit, providing an opportunity to study all aspects of the project and to meet those responsible for its success.

Bursaries are provided by BSHF to help meet the travel and accommodation costs of those selected to take part in the international study visit.

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Application deadline: 1st August 2008

Please feel free to forward this message to others who may be interested. Should you have any queries,
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