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Architectural Record Design Vanguard 2008 Every December, ARCHITECTURAL RECORD publishes its Design Vanguard issue, featuring the work of 10 emerging architects/firms from around the world. Although A.R. do not have a specific age limit for candidates, they tend to select architects who have been out of architectural school for 10 years or less. To be considered for this year's Design Vanguard, send a hardcopy portfolio (no larger than 15 x 20 inches) with 5-8 projects (both built and unbuilt), along with CVs of the firm's partners and a short statement of the firm's design approach/philosophy.

The cost to enter is $50. Please make checks payable to Architectural Record magazine. They will not accept payment in any foreign currency or credit cart charges; please send checks and money orders.

Send the portfolios to:
Clifford Pearson/Design Vanguard
Architectural Record
2 Penn Plaza, 9th Floor
New York, NY 10121-2298 USA

For details and for the copy of sumission form.
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