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Sunday 03 December 2006

BNBC Becomes a Law

on Sunday 03 December 2006 - 12:12:46 | by admin
BNBC Becomes a Law: May come up with a Better Skyline of Dhaka in Future
dhaka skylineArchitects or students in Bangladesh must have seen the red healthy book in library named 'Bangladesh National Building Codes'. This rich standard reference book which was published in 1993 as an obligatory building codes for Bangladesh was neglected for years by the Bangladesh Government. A group of professional architects, engineers, planners and other professionals under the supervision of the National Steering Committee published the BNBC in 1993. But the current caretaker government has showed the honor to the effort of BNBC. And finally BNBC has come into effect with a gazette notification issued on November 15 by the Bangladesh Govt. The Building Construction Act of 1952 provides for punishment with seven years' imprisonment or a fine of Tk 50,000 or both in case of violation of the BNBC and the Building Construction Rules of 2006. A meeting was held chaired by the Public Work Advisor of the Caretaker Government Dhiraj Kumar Nath on 26th November where the top government officials, architects, planners and environmentalists were participated and they showed the benefit of the BNBC as a law there.
From now the BNBC and the Metropolitan Building Construction Act (by RAJUK, 2006) will be a core responsibility to be obeyed by the architects, designers, planners, engineers and geo-technical engineers and land or project owners.

Sunday 27 August 2006

Help our Orgho Vottacharjo..

on Sunday 27 August 2006 - 14:47:52 | by admin
One of our friend Orgho vottacharjo, who is now in 2nd year in the department of Architecture in BUET (Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology)..... His mother is seriously ill and suffering in cancer. Her breast cancer is now also affecting her brain. An operation is needed immediately. But...

It will take around 20,00,000 Taka ($ 28,572 USD) for her treatment. In this situation it is very tough for their family to manage this big amount within a short time.
We call for economical help from everyone of this community. Let help a friend... save his mom from a certain claw of death.
Orgho is also a part of the global architecture community, he is our brother... his mom is like our mom.... please help them according to your ability.....

Contact Numbers: +8801717765796 or +880185007774
Send monetery help to this bank account:
Account number: 5410 of Pubali bank ltd(Laboratory road branch), Dhaka, Bangladesh.

For any query please call to:
KUSHOL (2:2): +880152385118
RAJIB (2:2):+8801199440 094
BADHON (1:1): +8801716400389
TAKI (1:1): +8801717103626
RIFAT (1:1):+8801916615 66

(archsociety news desk, reported by: aliza)

Thursday 22 June 2006

Explore ArchSociety Downloads

on Thursday 22 June 2006 - 09:01:58 | by admin
ArchSociety is trying to publish the planning strategic maps of Dhaka city gradually to help the architects and planners of Bangladesh. ArchSociety has already provided you with several important maps of Dhaka including some scaled drawing in AutoCAD format.

Now a map of Dhaka of 1850 is also included in our database. Few more strategic and historical maps have been added. And whenever ArchSociety gets any data related to planning of Dhaka it will be published in the category. Visit:

Some people may comment that these are the property of RAJUK and ArchSociety may not have the right to publish these maps through internet. ArchSociety denies this concept. ArchSociety believes ‘all the planning information should be public’ and ‘knowledge should be open’.

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