World Architecture Community Relieses Its BETA Online

on Tuesday 01 April 2008 - 08:07:12 | by admin
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World Architecture Community, launched on March 1, with 200 honorary members including Hans Hollein, Mario Botta, and Fumihiko Maki, is probably the first interactive database created to provide an opportunity for all local practices to become internationally recognized. Unique features of this portal enable all members to contribute in the making of the future of architectural thought by submitting, discussing, editing, rating, sharing their work.
While there are many channels that promote architecture, WA will probably be the first interactive database created to provide an opportunity for all local practices to present their work to the international audience and become internationally recognized.

World Architecture Community Screenshot

It is evident that content capacity in printed media is very limited that only a few can access. Appearing in international or even local media is highly competitive and requires grand projects; therefore local practices rarely have the chance to be criticized and the agenda of architecture concentrates on a few names. On the other hand, there are many young, talented architects, passionately designing buildings in the different parts of the world. Unfortunately, as they cannot appear on the media, they are solely criticized by their customers. Impetus for creativity, however, is criticism. WA realizes the dream of local practices to be discussed by prominent scholars and academicians from different countries via the platform offered by the internet. Architects and scholars from ALL countries of the world are invited to submit their buildings and writings freely. The aim of WA is to highlight the different quests of local practices in the global agenda and initiate a new definition for architectural media. WA Community Portal also aims to present the work of all contemporary masters of architecture in a concise form eventually with their support of the educational premises of the project. Another unique feature of the portal is that Issue Pages can be created by all members as a collaborative effort to create connections across the individual resources on the internet. For instance, an architect being inspired from local culture, can create an issue page to define his theoretical discourse that has guided his design, and relate his buildings to this issue page so that theory and practice in architecture can come together within the same context. This independent global forum and extensive database will be also a big occasion for theorists. They will be able to access examples, works, and efforts from most diverse regions and cultures of the world and will have the chance to get in touch with practice at a global scale.

All members will be able to submit links, articles, projects (even unrealized or projects under construction can be submitted) to this completely free international portal. Contributions from all members will have equitable chances to be represented, promoted, reviewed and criticized at this international arena.
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